Farewell UK Games Expo 2018… See You Next Year!

So, It’s time, once more, to bid farewell to our beloved UK Games Expo for another year. We have had three magnificent days to revel in our shared love of board games. To forge new friendships and renew old ones. To explore and discover new games, from publishers large and small. To do what we love. Each and every year we demand more from our Expo. We want it to be bigger, better and more impressive. The amazing thing is, each year it delivers.

The UK Games Expo really does offer so much value for board game fans. We get to see some of the biggest and most celebrated publishers and designers showing off their most recent games, or giving us a sneak peak at upcoming releases. While at the other end of that scale we get to sit down with creative and innovative individuals, with limited support and backing, who are bringing their game to life, for possibly the first time. I love that dynamic and I so value that the UK Games Expo is able to strike a balance between big publishers and grassroots indie designers. It’s so important that there’s a platform for budding designers to show off their talent and it’s great that we get the opportunity to support that talent through the UK Games Expo.

Everdark from Edventure

Despite the UK Games Expo‘s continued growth it still, somehow, manages to maintain a wonderfully familiar and intimate atmosphere. Everyone is so accessable and friendly. Even for those of us who are naturally a little more reserved you will, now and then, still find the confidence to strike up conversations with other attendees. For me, it’s a great place to put faces to names, or meet folks I have been communicating with through social media for long periods but never met in person.

For many of us a small but somewhat significant percentage of our hobby time is spent online on places like youtube or twitter or in facebook groups chatting about games we want to add to our collection. The UK Games Expo offers us a great opportunity to meet the people we have built online friendships with, and it’s even better when you get to sit down and play some games with these people too! This is a social hobby, afterall, and it’s so important we embrace that side of the hobby.

This year saw the UK Games Expo bring in well over 20 000 visitors and despite this huge number there was still plenty of space to get in some gaming, or just find a quiet spot, in the grounds of the NEC, to relax. After a busy Friday Demoing games and shopping for bargains I was able to grab lunch and take a little walk around a beautiful lake, right outside the trade hall. It’s a great way to clear your head and get some fresh air before heading back in for more gaming goodness!

I’m so grateful to  have such an amazing event so close to my home, but wherever you are, it really is such a worth while visit. Each year this awesome event reminds me just how much I love our hobby but also just how privilged I feel to be part of such an amazing community. Thank you so much to everyone I got to meet over my three days, it was a truely wonderful experience. I so can’t wait to see you all there again next year!

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Happy Gaming folks!

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