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Hello and welcome to my new blog dedicated to board gaming. Over the coming months you can expect to find news and reviews of board games both new and old and you’ll hear my opinion on all of them! I’ve been gaming most of my life and have been running a board games club for the last few years. Now its time to share my thoughts on the board gaming world with all of you!

I hope to shine a light on those titles that haven’t hit your radar yet and help you decide if its a game you want to add to your own gaming vault. I’ll also be discussing news and upcoming events in the gaming world and I’ll do my best to cover anything I think will be of interest to you, my readers.  You’ll be able to find playthroughs and more reviews coming soon on my youtube channel, but I hope


Steve aka Cardboard Cultist  

you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained right here on my blog!

I’m an omnigamer at heart, so there aren’t really any game genres or mechanics I don’t enjoy. You can expect to find a good mix of games and topics covered in my blog. If pushed for a favourite genre though,  I’m a real sucker for a good thematic game, especially in the horror genre! Just about the first game I ever bought was the original ‘Fury of Dracula‘ from Games Workshop. I can still remember being filled with equal amounts of excitement and dread just from the cover art alone! I don’t think I learned to play the game properly until my college years, but that didn’t stop me forcing it on friends and family throughout my school days. Its amazing how much fun you can have gaming… even when you botch the rules!

First and foremost I’m a gaming fan and it’s my passion for the hobby that has motivated me to create this blog, so expect to find content driven by the things I love. While I’ll never be shy about telling you what I really think, this blog will always be about my love for board gaming and I’ll always be trying to focus on the positive elements of the gaming world.

If I can add a little bit extra to what’s already out there and maybe give you folks something new to think about while you’re chugging back your morning coffee, then I’ll consider this a successful endeavour. So, whether you’re a seasoned board gamer or a fresh faced muggle, I’ll do my best to give you something to feast upon! Thanks for reading and check back soon for more articles.

If you want to get in touch or make suggestions and requests, feel free to contact me here or through my facebook page.

Become a Cardboard Cultist and follow me on my new blogging adventure. Welcome to the vault, enjoy your stay!

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