Zombie Babies Hits Kickstarter!

So here’s a little update from one of the many games I got to check out at this years UK Games Expo. Zombie Babies has just hit kickstarter and is looking for an investment of £6500 to get to print. It’s a delightfully disguisting little offering from HoneySuckle Games. This is a lightweight, character building card and dice game, where players will be gaining XP, completing quests and, of course, killing zombies.

Zombie Babies takes place in a nursery and the aim of the game is to get the most XP points. You’ll do this by completing quests, which usually involves killing zombies or collecting items. There’s a quest deck, which represents your journey through the nursery. Each quest that isn’t a zombie will offer a small story and will require a skill test, which is completed by dice rolls. Other players will be out to get you though, so beware! If you are lucky enough to survive to the finale, the game ends with a random boss encounter, where only the strongest will survive!

This is a lightweight, small box game with a unique theme. While the entertainement industry might be saturated by the zombie genre, its fair to say that HoneySuckle Games have managed to find a unique niche. It’s a simple game with a quirky theme, and the artwork really nails the style of the game. It’s not meant to be taken seriously and the game revels in its gross- out humour. The game plays quickly enough so as not to outstay its welcome and is light enough to appeal to casual gamers. It’s avaliable on kickstarter now, so go check it out to find out more!

Zombie Babies Kickstarter!



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